Vascular Stuff

Vascular Stuff

Ok, this is the serious stuff. I don’t want to make it too boring or technical although some of you might find it of interest particularly if you are patient or have a relative or friend who has had some form of vascular disease. Alot of what we do as vascular surgeons is not dissimilar from diy engineering as we spend alot of the time unblocking pipes (blood vessels) and refitting hoses ( bypasses). I suppose a medical plumber would be a better description.

What Is Vascular Surgery?

Vascular surgeons work on the arteries and veins. We often get confused with cardiac surgeons, however, unlike our cardiac colleagues who operate solely on the heart we operate on and treat diseases of the peripheral circulation particularly the arteries of the legs, neck, abdomen and arms. We also treat conditions involving veins such as varicose veins. Vascular surgery is a rapidly changing speciality. In the past many of these conditions required complex open operations. Nowdays, many problems can be dealt with using minimally invasive techiniques involving interventional radiology. Vessels can be widened using balloons (angioplasty) and diseased vessels can be repaired from within by means of stents all of which can be done via the femoral artery in the groin.

Please use the sub-links to read about the various condtions that we treat. Note that there are one or two graphical medical type images, so if you don’t like gore or the sight of blood, too bad!

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